Submitted by cliff on Mon, 08/16/2010 - 11:30

Services Offered


Diagnosing and fixing PC problems, from viruses and spyware, mystery error messages, or issues with programs not behaving as desired.

Network Setup and Administration

Network setup using Windows Server, or smaller peer-to-peer networks using Windows 7 or 10. Experienced in Server software from old NT to Server 2016, and administration of Exchange 2003&2007.


Repair of desktop and some laptop units, replacement of hard drives, memory additions, etc.

Data Retrieval

Retrieval of data from "dead" drives

Accounting specialties

Years of contract work at a local 20+ accountant firm has produced insight into PfxEngagement, Lacerte, QuickBooks and other specialized accounting programs.

Contract Work

Need someone to do regular checks, updates and tweaking of your office servers and PC's? No fixed time minimum or pre-payment required - but better rates are available for those willing to commit to weekly (or daily, if you are that size) hours.